Here are some of the best ways to spend £5 in Chichester

With the launch of Chichester BID's Fiver Fest, we sent our reporter Joe Stack to some of the businesses getting involved.

Friday, 11th October 2019, 3:40 pm
Reporter Joe Stack at Sit and Sip

The Fiver Fest began on Saturday and will finish tomorrow as a way of encouraging people to spend money with some of our best independent businesses.

Chilgrove Bramble Gin and Tonic with fresh berries for 5
A small hot drink and a twist
5 for a montadito and a drink
Pick up 3 items for 5 (all items within the promotion are highlighted with a pink dot)
Hosting a special offer on peace lilies
Two x 100ml Glass Bottles filled with an Oil or Vinegar of your choice usually 8.08 for just 5
Five Stems of Sunflowers for just 5
Sew Your Own Doorstop Sewing Kit normally 12 for just 5 Giant Thimble Desk Caddy normally 8 for just 5
urchase 10 Postcard size prints 4x6and will be ready in under 1 hour for just 5 (usual price 9.50). Choice finish of lustre or gloss.
A thermos flask for 5