Jamie Oliver visits the Sussex farmers turning beer into new ‘superfood’

(l-r) Jamie Oliver, Chris Drummond, Sam Robinson and Jimmy Doherty
(l-r) Jamie Oliver, Chris Drummond, Sam Robinson and Jimmy Doherty

Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver is championing the Sussex breweries who are making flour from leftover beer grains.

As part of Channel 4’s Jamie and Jimmy’s Friday Night Feast, the chef visited the Good Things Brewing Co farm in Eridge, East Sussex, last September and the episode was aired on Friday (February 1).

Good Things Brewing Co farm in Eridge, East Sussex

Good Things Brewing Co farm in Eridge, East Sussex

Co-founder of Good Things Brewing Co. Sam Robinson said: “We want to be the world’s first self-sustaining brewery. One thing that isn’t really tackled in the beer industry is spent grain.”

According to the celebrity chef’s website, for every pint of beer made in the UK, two porridge bowls worth of spent grain is produced.

Traditionally, breweries have given the waste to farmers who use the feed for cattles and pigs, but if the grains are not used within 48 hours of delivery they go off, and have to be thrown away.

Mr Robinson said: “The problem is once it’s allocated, it goes unrecorded. The same thing happens in supermarkets, it’s ‘classified waste’, we don’t know how much is actually ending up in landfill.”

Good Things Brewing Co. are trying to change that and have just revealed the world’s first ‘spent grain dehydrater’.

Within six hours of brewing, we can dehydrate everything that comes from the mash tun and use it in granola, cereal bars or flour Mr Robinson said.

The brewery are working with Carr’s who supply Hovis and Gales to create flour that can be used in bakeries and pubs.

Mr Robinson said: “We’re working with a few bakeries on developing a beer flavour batter, it tastes delicious. It’s nutritional value has been tested and approved - low carb, low sugar, high in protein.”

Jamie Oliver has called the flour “a superfood” and used it to cook Irish Soda bread, pasta dough and a beef pie made with spent grain pastry on Jamie and Jimmy’s Friday Night Feasts.

The chef said on his website: “It’s so much more complex and delicious than usual. A chef’s dream!”

He showcased the recipes to a team of bakers, brewers, butchers and even a miso company on the show.

Holler Brewery from Brighton also featured in the programme. In September, they moved their brewery from a farm in Uckfield to their new taproom site in Elder Place, London Road.

Mr Robinson said: “Jamie was hilarious, so much fun to work with, he’s passionate for the cause, and fascinated by what we were doing on the farm.

We’ve been inspired by his enthusiasm, it’s pushed us on for the next six months.”

Good Things Brewing Co. beers are available in Brighton and Hove at: Brighton Beach Club, The Independent Pub, Trafalgar Wines, The Black Lion, Mange Tout, Wild Cherry Cafe, HISBE, Wine Barrel Hove, Starfish & Coffee and Bincho.