#JustACard campaign to highlight the importance of small purchases in independent businesses

North Street, Chichester
North Street, Chichester

A campaign to encourage shoppers to spend money with independent local businesses is well underway in Chichester today (Monday June 17).

Owner of Present Surprise in South Street, Dave Hockridge said #JustACard day was set up a number of years ago to send the message to shoppers that even small purchases from independent businesses make all the difference.

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The day often doesn't feature anything different but to serve as a reminder to shoppers and local business owners the importance of shopping local.

Dave said: "For us guys its exactly the same, but we do have some offers on cards for today only but it just kind of helps card retailers to plod along. It is most definitely important, especially now in the current climate how retail is going. Every little helps and it has been very well supported over the past few years."

Kay Mawre, founder of Draper's Yard in The Hornet said the campaign doesn't have to be 'just a card' it could even be 'just a pint' and is about 'making a conscientious choice' to spend money with smaller businesses that need support.

She said: "The idea is to try and encourage people to think about the small purchases that really make a difference and to support the independents — it's like voting with your wallet and the impact that multiple small purchases can have on small businesses."

Chichester BID and The Observer have been working with a number of local businesses to shine a light on what the city has to offer. Read some of the stories here: Love Local, Shop Local: Celebrating the city's salons and spas / Love Local, Shop Local: Super Saturday event to showcase Chichester
For more information visit https://www.justacard.org/.