Residents criticise 'ridiculous' decision that saw market trader unable to trade at Bognor market

London Road in Bognor Regis. Picture via Google Streetview
London Road in Bognor Regis. Picture via Google Streetview

Readers of The Observer have responded to news of a market trader who said he couldn't return to sell at a Bognor market because he was too cheap.

David Ludford, 54, from Littlehampton, says he was told by Bognor Regis BID that his stall did not meet the 'criteria' it was looking for.

Read the original story here: Trader will not be able to return to Bognor market because his products are too cheap
Sharing their thoughts on social media, some readers of The Observer criticised the decision.

Sabrina-Rose Wales said: "Surely he pays for his pitch so can sell what he want at the price he want. It it's all legal what's the issue? Some market stalls are way over priced so a cheaper stall isn't a bad thing. Ridiculous!"

Tom O'Conner said: "If they meet trading standard law i.e. safe and fir for purpose, I don't see any issue other than the bar has been set high. Since moving from Bognor Regis to Littlehampton I see a regular diverse

Judith Crisp said: "Shoppers will vote with their money. I say give the guy a fighting chance at least .

"If a market stall doesn't trade well over a certain period (say three months if it's a weekly market and six months if it's only once a month) then they can be told to leave."

Sarah Wightwick-Hotson said: "I would say the price was right. I don't have the funds to spend out too much and the market was always where I spent my pocket money when I was a kid.

"I find a lot of places charge too much that's why I go on eBay to try and get stuff cheaper."