Smitten’s on a mission to make women feel great

Smitten, a lingerie retailer in Chichester, was set up to provide a unique service which offers women the chance to step away from badly-fitted bras and into something perfectly suited to each individual.

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Wednesday, 11th September 2019, 7:07 pm
Smitten Lingerie on North Street, Chichester

More than 80 per cent of women are wearing the wrong sized bra and as a woman’s body changes shape and size throughout a lifetime, the importance of a proper fit becomes ever crucial.

A good fit creates good posture and good blood circulation, a nice shape and support where your bust needs it most. A good bra will also give you a waist, making your clothes look and feel better.

Wearing a badly fitted bra can cause headaches and neck pain and can actually cause muscle strain as the weight of your bust is pulled downward. Your clothes will also sit differently when wearing the wrong size and may appear bulky or misshaped.

Tegan Mayes

A bra fitting will provide you with the skills you need to identify the right size bra for yourself but also to assess the best shape of bra for your body shape. Wearing the right size and shape bra is a valuable exercise for the female as a whole. Looking good and feeling good are very much interlinked and it is extremely beneficial that as women we take the time to invest in ourselves. When we do this, we can perform at our best, improve our self confidence and ultimately live the best life we can. All of this can start with the foundations of good fitting underwear.

Smitten managing director Rachel Blackburn said: “At Smitten, you have two wonderful and caring bra fitters waiting to meet you and help find your fit. We have a passion for all things lingerie and love the satisfaction our job brings when ladies see themselves in their true fit. The smiles, the joy and the tears of absolute pleasure that only a good-fitting bra (and a lovely, relaxed bra shop!) gives is the best feeling. Knowing that we can help with any bra issue is simply wonderful.

“Your fitters are Rachel Blackburn and Yasmin Read, both trained and experienced fitters with a gentleness and a willingness to go the extra mile to find something that suits your needs.

“We also have Tegan Mayes, our resident social media and marketing expert who is there to offer a smiling face upon arrival in the shop and sound advice on what each bra can do for you. Bra fitting is most definitely our passion and being in a position to help women feel great and look great is such a special gift. With our training, expertise and just plain kindness, we are educating ladies, one lady at a time, as to how to wear a bra, and it feels fabulous!”

Yasmin Read

Find Smitten at 59 North Street, Chichester or visit:

Rachel Blackburn