Why are coffee shops so popular in Chichester?

Why are coffee shops so popular in Chichester?

Thursday, 9th January 2020, 2:18 pm
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The prospect of another shop in Chichester selling coffee has irked a number of readers who have said there are 'too many' in the city.

But others have pointed out that, despite complaints, coffee shops seem to be 'always packed'.

Commenting under an Observer story about the approval of a café in Market Avenue (Café gets planning permission for Chichester), Claire Rowland said: "I mean, everyone complains about coffee shops but has anyone noticed that they are all always packed — independents and chains alike.

"As for the Coffee Round, I'm hoping they shouldn't be too affected as, whilst it's coffee they don't have a sit in area so it's a different service.

"And let's face it, it's better than being an empty building."

Melanie Barnes echoed Claire's sentiment when she said: "I've noticed so much moaning on this site about coffee shops bu whenever I visit my family in Chi I can never get a seat in one!

"My local high street in Brighton is full of betting shops, cash converters and vape shops — grim.

"I'd take a nice coffee shop over them any day."

Others were not so optimistic.

Terry Greenwell said: "Another one. Diversity in retail experience is diminishing more and more with every new eatery."

Martin Lineham said: "We need a good greasy spoon café not more of these posh arty farty cafés.

Further news came today following the arrival of a planning application for a South Street shop to be able to sell coffee (Plan for Chichester shop to sell coffee).

Comments joking about the number of coffee outlets poured in.

Suzanna Rich said: "Yayyy! I knew Chichester was missing something...."

Daniel Gurney said: "You know, if there is some great disaster in Columbia or generally South America and the coffee beans can't grow there — there'll be no more shops in Chichester. Imagine how many shops would shut."

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