Dash cam review: Mio Mivue J60

Dash cam review: Mio Mivue J60
Dash cam review: Mio Mivue J60

Price: £119.99

What is it?

Another new entry into the now massive dash cam market.

Mio sell a range of in-car cameras, including the previously tested MiVue 766.

The J60 features most of the same features as other higher-end cameras but does away with one significant element – the screen – which means it offers a more streamlined shape. Instead everything is controlled and viewed via a free smartphone app that connects over wifi.

The camera records in 1080p at 30 frames per second and features a 150-degree lens for a full view of the whole road ahead. GPS is built in and the camera overlays location and speed information on recorded clips.

It also claims to offer advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) in the form of lane departure warning, forward collision warning, fatigue alert and speed limit warning. Using an optional adaptor it can also monitor the car when parked and start recording if anyone approaches the car.

What’s it like?

MiVue Mio J60

The Mive J60’s most unique feature is also its most appealing. By doing without a screen, the unit can be a lot smaller than other cameras. Its thin lozenge shape and almost flat mount mean it can be tucked away behind a mirror far more effectively than a lot of bulkier units with big mounts, so it won’t impede a driver’s view or pose a distraction.

Without a screen, the system is entirely reliant on the app. On the whole it works fairly well. Viewing and saving footage is simple, as is changing settings. My only problem was that connection wasn’t the most straightforward process and I did experience occasional connection problems between the camera and my phone, not ideal in a camera controlled exclusively via the app.

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Some cameras offer higher resolutions but the J60’s full HD is good enough for most purposes. The picture is sharp, and bright and the 150-degree lens offers a broader view than some models. Nighttime quality suffers but the footage is still of a usable quality.

Many dash cams now claim to offer ADAS systems but I’ve yet to find one that I’d rely on it in the way I trust in-car systems. The J60 is yet another that even with careful calibration isn’t accurate enough to set any store.

That flaw and the occasional issue with the app apart, the J60 is a good option for drivers who want a truly slimline unobtrusive camera with a decent level of features.

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