The adventures of a radio presenter from Spirit FM to the BFBS

This week Vicky met radio presenter, Milly Luxford.

Wednesday, 3rd July 2019, 5:23 pm
Vicky meets radio presenter, Milly Luxford

You recently returned to Spirit FM following a four-year stint on BFBS. What is BFBS?

British Forces Broadcast Service. I went to various countries where our troops are based and had the pleasure of broadcasting to them. During my initial stint at Spirit FM I got to broadcast from Camp Bastion in Afghanistan as part of a special feature. I was incredibly humbled by the work of our Armed Forces and so although going to BFBS was a scary jump, it was also a natural progression.

Tell me about your travels with BFBS?

I started in Northern Ireland and spent a year based just outside Belfast. I like to talk, but the Northern Irish? They love to talk! It was also my first experience of living in an officers’ mess, which was certainly an eye opener. From there I went to Gibraltar, probably my favourite posting: plenty of sunshine and close to the Spanish boarder, I also got to work alongside the RAF and Navy – a whole lot of acronyms to learn! Then I was sent to Brunei to see how the Gurkhas do things. My final posting was In Paderborn, Germany, where I spent the last two-and-a-half years.

How do you feel about our military having worked so closely with them?

My respect for our Armed Forces has skyrocketed. Their dedication and hard work is simply outstanding. I also have great admiration for the families that follow our troops across the globe, or who have to say their ‘goodbyes,’ sometimes for months at a time, when their loved ones are sent out on Operation or Exercise. It can be incredibly lonely, but the military community really looks after its own. Companionship is never far away.

What are the highlights of your radio tour of duty?

When I first left Spirit I was adamant that I would never get involved with a soldier. The best-laid plans… I met my partner Mike in Germany, so I suppose he’s on the highlight list. Otherwise it is the incredible people that I have met and the experience itself. I feel incredibly lucky to have been given the chance to immerse myself into a totally different way of life and honoured to be accepted into the military family.

You’re back at Spirit FM. Why is local media important?

I am only here briefly to cover Anna’s maternity leave, but I couldn’t think of a better place to come home too. Spirit FM is a truly local station that loves and immerses itself into the community. As well as providing local news and travel, Spirit also supports many fantastic causes. There is so much changing in UK media. Stations like Spirit and newspapers like the Observer are increasingly important.

Did you bring any souvenirs home?

Eva, AKA Dogface, is a beautiful wire-haired dachshund. We got her in Germany and I adore her. Her English is coming along nicely too.

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