Bishop Luffa students celebrate GCSE results including 'perfect ten'

Jumping for joy - two students happy with their results
Jumping for joy - two students happy with their results

Students at Bishop Luffa School are celebrating 'outstanding' GCSE results, as 86 per cent of students achieved grade 4 or above in English and maths and 62 per cent achieved grade 5 or above.

Emily Munns, 16, from Chichester enjoyed opening her exam results to five 9s, which are equivalent to more than an A*.

Perfect ten: Leia Karim with her impressive results

Perfect ten: Leia Karim with her impressive results

She said: "I can't believe it — I did much better then I expected. I'm very proud of myself."

To celebrate her exam success Emily said she would be sleeping.

Ethan Storey, 16, from Fishbourne said he was 'pleasantly surprised' by his results. "I got a 9 in Spanish which I wanted so much and I have got into Sixth Form.

"I was targeted a 5 in English language and I got an 8 which I'm so pleased with. The three months before the exams were nonstop — it's just hard work."

'Pleasantly surprised': Ethan Storey from Fishbourne

'Pleasantly surprised': Ethan Storey from Fishbourne

A phone call to his grandparents was the next step for Ethan, "I've told my mum, she's so pleased."

One student even managed to secure a 'perfect ten' with 9s across the board. The school's top performer Leila Karim, 16, who lives in Summersdale said: "I was opening it and for quite I while I didn't want to pull it out then I started to see my name.

"First was a 9 in music which was a surprise, then a 9 in geography."

Line by line, Leila pulled the sheet out, and was greeted by 9 after 9 after 9. "It feels like a bit of a dream, It's shocking — you don't know what you have got until you open them.

Emily Munns and her mum after finding out Emily secured five 9s

Emily Munns and her mum after finding out Emily secured five 9s

"I hadn't planned to celebrate," Leila will use her first horse riding lesson as a celebration, she said.

Mr Hindman said: "Every year the students who do well in exams do more than just study.

"The most successful students lead full lives, taking part in music, drama, and sports or in other activities like the Duke of Edinburgh Award. It is outside of the classroom that our students learn the resilience to succeed in exams.

"We look forward to welcoming these students back to study in our Sixth Form."

Jasmine Westlake and Lucinda Turner both achieved grade 9 in 8 subjects, whilst Esme Rowbotham, Grace Kemp and Anton Madinaveitia joined them in achieving grade 8 or above in all of their subjects.

Freya Jones made the most progress of any student at the school. Freya’s results from primary school gave her targets of 6s and 7s but Freya worked hard to come out with an average grade of 8.4, including 5 grade 9s.

It was not only Year 11 students who were receiving good news at Bishop Luffa School. Will Lynas took three GCSEs in Year 10, achieving a grade 9 in Maths, an ‘A’ in additional maths and an 8 in Computing.

Head Teacher Austen Hindman said: "Will was ready to take those exams and making him wait until he was in Year 11 would have left him bored and demotivated.
"He is now able to go on and study maths and computing at a higher level while he completes the rest of his GCSEs. We are very proud of his incredible achievement."

Students at Bishop Luffa school achieved an average grade of 5.5, or approximately a ‘B’ in the old system.