A-level results: Bishop Luffa pupils jumping for joy

There were leaps of joy as Bishop Luffa students received their much-awaited A-level results today.

Thursday, 17th August 2017, 1:56 pm
Updated Thursday, 7th June 2018, 6:24 pm
DM17840631.jpg Bishop Luffa School A-level results 2017. Photo by Derek Martin SUS-170817-122119008

Months of hard work paid off for Hugh Hudson as he had achieved A* A* A*.

He then found out that he had been accepted into Cambridge University to study engineering.

Hugh said: “I’m so glad it’s over and now it’s time to relax.”

DM17840602.jpg Bishop Luffa School A-level results 2017. L to R Charlotte Dawtrey, Beth Wilkinson and Maria Howell all aged 17. Photo by Derek Martin SUS-170817-122341008

Another student destined for Cambridge is Izzy Crouch, who is hoping to study Spanish and Portuguese after receiving A* A* A.

Izzy is looking to take a gap year first to travel around Spain. She said: “It’s scary now because it’s such a big change but I’m also feeling good and very excited.”

One student though, had no time to celebrate as she was eager to get away in time for her performance in Fiddler on the Roof at Chichester Festival Theatre.

Sephora Parish achieved an A and two Bs, which has opened the door for her to study language and culture at UCL.

DM17840609.jpg Bishop Luffa School A-level results 2017. Jack Watson, left and Leo Bugeja both aged 18. Photo by Derek Martin SUS-170817-122056008

Tom Dawtry achieved an A* and two A’s in maths, further maths and physics. Tom is hoping to study maths with economics at LSE.

Claudia Aspinall Nessling studied art, history and geography, achieving two A*’s and an A.

Claudia knows she would like to study history but has decided to take a gap year first to travel.

Merryn Young decided to re-take year 12 so has now finished her third year of sixth form and was delighted to find out her results were A* and two Bs. Merryn wants to go travelling before choosing a university to study law.

DM17840617.jpg Bishop Luffa School A-level results 2017. Katherine Munden, 18, left and Sohie Morton 19. Photo by Derek Martin SUS-170817-122108008

Nearly 30 percent of all exams taken by the 148 A-level students at Luffa gained top grades A*-A, and across the cohort students achieved an average of a B grade overall.

An impressive 98 percent of students received an A* to E grade, with 59 percent achieving A* to B.

Many had ideas of how they were going to celebrate after the good news.

Leo Bugeja, who achieved three A*s and an A, is off to Goodwood for dinner and then a family party at the weekend.

DM17840649.jpg Bishop Luffa School A-level results 2017. Anna Creber 17. Photo by Derek Martin SUS-170817-122422008

Results day is feared by many students, however Emily Hawkins had a positive reason to look forward to it as it is her birthday.

Emily, who got two A*s and an A, is thinking about going travelling for a year before going to university.

Emily said: “I want to gain more confidence and independence before I going to uni.

“Basically I want to grow up a bit more first.”

Bishop Luffa head teacher Nick Taunt said: “I am delighted, behind the headline figures there are amazing stories of students who have overcome serious obstacles and have done extraordinarily well.

“They are a very impressive group of young people who now set out on their next stage of the journey.”

DM17840653.jpg Bishop Luffa School A-level results 2017. L to R James Spratt, Oscar Pickering and Lucas Goldsmith all aged 17. Photo by Derek Martin SUS-170817-122433008

The head of sixth form, Jamie Saunders, said: “Students have had to tackle a new curriculum in almost every A-level subject, which makes their performance all the more impressive in challenging times.

“They have worked extremely hard to meet their potential and now embark on a range of exciting courses at some very competitive universities.”

He added: “We will miss them here but wish them the best of luck for the future.”

DM17840667.jpg Bishop Luffa School A-level results 2017. Ben Jones 17 and teacher Graham King. Photo by Derek Martin SUS-170817-122444008
DM17840678.jpg Bishop Luffa School A-level results 2017. Maddy Grant, left and Emily Day both 17. Photo by Derek Martin SUS-170817-122455008