Plans for new outdoor classroom and play area space at Fishbourne Pre-School

A new outdoor building could soon be built at a village pre-school to provide 'essential classroom and play area space'.

Monday, 12th July 2021, 5:43 pm
Updated Tuesday, 13th July 2021, 9:58 am

Fishbourne Pre-School, based in Blackboy Lane, has requested planning permission to install a single-storey, timber clad garden building.

The proposed building would replace an 'old, mainly unused' existing play area with bark chips and wooden frame with slide.

It will have a hard-wired connection of power for use of classroom facilities.

If the plans are given the go-ahead, the pre-school children will be able to play outside and get fresh air 'even in times of rain'

Manager Beverley Fuller said: "We are really excited.

"Fishbourne Pre-School started in 1996 as a play group attached to Fishbourne Primary School. In 2000, it was made into a purpose-built classroom in the Fishbourne playing fields.

"It has done really well in the last 25 years but we wanted to update the building and enlarge the kitchen to allow cooking activities for children.

"The refurbishment of our outdoor space will provide more space as more families move into our area. It will be a large covered area for all-year outside access."

This would allow the children to play outside and get fresh air 'even in times of rain'.

According to the planning documents, the new building would be predominantly constructed from natural materials and would be 'very energy efficient', with 'excellent superior thermal insulation'.

The design and access statement read: "The building will primarily be used as essential classroom and play area space for the children at the preschool.

"The proposed building has been designed to a modest scale in proportion to the size of the area and will fit into the space comfortably.

"The bark area and play frame will be removed to allow for the new building installation.

"The existing vehicular and pedestrian access are unaffected by the proposal and this proposal will not impact the current access to the pre-school and surrounding buildings."

Fishbourne Parish Council 'strongly supported' the application, as did Chichester district councillor Adrian Moss (Lib Dem, Harbour Villages).

He said: "This will enhance the pre-school which is such a valuable asset for our children."