Westbourne House School celebrates diversity with International Week

In a week when The Queen spoke out for a ‘continued emphasis on patience, friendship, a strong community-focus’, Westbourne House School in Chichester has been championing the need to be inclusive and work harder to understand different people and cultures across the world.

Thursday, 31st January 2019, 9:24 am
Updated Thursday, 7th February 2019, 7:57 pm
Younger children at Westbourme House explore the contents of a country-themed suitcase. Spain in this case

Pupils at Westbourne House School have been celebrating diversity with an International Week, during which they experienced enriching opportunities to learn about different cultures.

Activities took place throughout the school, from Reception to Year 8, and included sampling food from other countries, trying exciting new sports, and learning about music from other continents, all created to help pupils understand others.

Samantha Pollock, head of Pastoral Care, said: “Our pastoral theme for this term is Be Respectful and International Week is designed to demonstrate the range of customs and traditions from across the world. Most importantly, the overarching aim is to encourage all pupils to accept others for who they are, be interested in where they come from and have fun discovering and celebrating the cultural differences.”

At the younger end of the school, a suitcase arrived in each classroom full of toys, photos of landscapes and food, musical instruments and clothes from different countries, which helped the children to discover and discuss each country. The children also learnt dances from each country – including Spain and Russia - and how to say hello.

Other examples of activities across the whole school included a bongo drum workshop, themed assemblies, origami lessons, a language and accent masterclass, games from various countries including jump rope, which is very popular in Asia, and baseball from USA.