Do you have a learning disability? Don't be worried about asking the NHS for help during the pandemic

We know that lots of people with learning disabilities are worried about asking the NHS for help during the coronavirus pandemic.

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Thursday, 18th June 2020, 5:12 pm
The NHS is here to help you

Some people think their illness is not important enough. Other people are worried it isn’t safe to go to the doctor. But it is still important we all look after our health during the coronavirus pandemic.

We are working hard so you get the care and support you need safely. The NHS is here to help if you feel unwell. We can give you extra support like having more time or easy-read information. These are called reasonable adjustments.

If you feel unwell we want to hear from you.

Dr Amy Dissanayake

Ring your doctor

Ring NHS 111

Tell a carer or support worker

You can get information and help here .

Dr Amy Dissanayake says: “During these times it is important that people with learning disabilities still go to their GP surgery and access any other NHS service when they need to. We have put in lots of measures to make sure people can stay safe when accessing health services during the pandemic.”

Eve, 29, from Brighton, adds: “I had a bad infection and was afraid to get help. The nurses were really good. They listened to my anxiety. They did things in a way that suited me and made me less scared. I would say don’t leave it. If you are not well you need to tell someone.’’