Extension to Witterings Medical Centre

Witterings Medical Centre (photo from Google Maps street view).
Witterings Medical Centre (photo from Google Maps street view).

An extension at the Witterings Medical Centre to provide more space is being planned.

The facility in Cakeham Road has submitted a planning application to Chichester District Council for the work.

The single-storey extension would be in the south-west corner of the site and increase storage space for medicines and provisions needed at the surgery.

It will also provide extra weather sheltered access to the building from Cakeham Road.

According to the application: “The extension will enhance the performance of the medical centre by enabling medicines to be stored in slightly greater quantities and enable ordering and supply efficiencies within the centre as a result.

“The building will use matching materials to that of the existing original part of the medical centre.”

To view the application visit www.chichester.gov.uk/planning using code 19/01131/FUL.