'Fit and healthy' Selsey biker now unable to walk or talk after stroke - and his family need help paying 'horrendous' therapy costs

Family and friends of a Selsey biker, who suffered a life-changing stroke, have rallied round to raise vital funds to help 'bring back his quality of life'.

Tuesday, 21st September 2021, 2:43 pm
Updated Tuesday, 21st September 2021, 3:54 pm

Father-of-two Kevin Goodrham, 59, suffered a debilitating stroke in March 2020.

"He was fit and healthy, working in deliveries at Waitrose," said wife Alison.

"This type of stroke weakens the artery in the neck.

An avid fan of Brentford Football Club, Kevin, before his stroke, was active and regularly met up with friends on their motorbikes

"Nothing could have been done to prevent it. It was something he was born with."

After months in hospital, and rehab, Kevin was on the road to recovery.

However, in July this year, he was admitted back to hospital after a serious fall.

Alison explained: "He has been in hospital ever since and has had two massive infections.

Kevin was admitted back to hospital after a serious fall in July

"He started having seizures. That changed everything.

"That was really hard as he was going backwards instead of forwards.

"It feels like we are back at the beginning again. We are trying to get him back on track."

An avid fan of Brentford Football Club, Kevin, before his stroke, was active and regularly met up with friends on their motorbikes. Kevin and Alison were also looking forward to their annual European motorcycle tour.

Kevin has been described by his friend, and fellow biker, Trevor as a 'great guy', who was 'liked by everyone at grammar school'

Now, he is unable to walk or talk and his wife is struggling to pay the costs for the vital therapy sessions.

Former schoolfriend and fellow biker Trevor Brooker, who has known Kevin for 48 years, has set up a GoFundMe page to support the family.

Trevor said: "The costs are absolutely horrendous.

"It is utterly dreadful how expensive it is to try to get the important therapies that will try to bring back his quality of life.

Kevin's wife, Alison, said 'it feels like we are back at the beginning again' after he was readmitted to hospital following a fall

"The most important thing is speech therapy. That costs £85 an hour. A package of six physio sessions is £405, and Kev needs physio once a week. Hydrotherapy costs £70 per hour and this is fortnightly."

Trevor described his friend's situation as a 'tragedy' adding: "It's an enormous mountain to climb that we simply cannot imagine.

"Kev is a great guy. He was liked by everyone at grammar school.

"We went our separate ways in 1978, sadly meeting only once before the summer of 2019, when a group of old school mates met up on our motorcycles. All of us thought when we met up again that we would stay friends for the rest of our lives.

"Both suave and dry-humoured, Kev ran a successful, private limousine business [many years ago], where he got to drive and chat with some very famous music stars.

"At home, he and Alison selflessly fostered a number of children, providing them with all-important trust and security."

Trevor is now preparing to run a half marathon across the Surrey Hills on October 3 to raise money to help cover the treatment bills.

He has so far raised £1,755, eclipsing the £1,500 target.

"It's wonderful, Trevor said. "We are doing very well.

"People are warming to his plight. I just want to help ease the burden on his wife. It's taken a massive toll on their life and personal finances.

"Families don't get enough support after strokes. This has happened to a friend of mine. Friends do what they need to do."

Alison said the funds raised will make a 'huge difference', adding: "Trevor has been his friend for such a long time so it's lovely that he wanted to help."

Brentford FC have also been touched by Kevin' story.

The club contributed a £20 gift voucher for the stadium shop, to be given to the person who makes the highest donation. The highest bid, currently, is £500.

Club ambassador, and former player, Marcus Gayle also recorded a personal message for Kevin on the day Brentford achieved promotion to the Premier League for the first time in their history.

"Kevin didn't realise the message was for him until he watched it three or four times," Trevor said. "It was a big boost at the time."

To donate, please visit Trevor's GoFundMe page.