'˜Give us the money to stop the Boxgrove speeders'

Villagers fed up with speeding have been coming up with more eye-grabbing ways to slow people down.

Friday, 11th May 2018, 6:56 pm
Updated Friday, 8th June 2018, 7:37 am
Villagers had help getting their anti-speeding message across. View the plans at http://boxgrovepc.org/

Mannequins in high-vis jackets have been placed next to ‘please slow down’ signs reminding people of the 30mph limit through Boxgrove and Halnaker.

Residents were also out last week doing a clean-up.

Since October 2017, residents have been running their own community speed watch team and say they regularly report speeding motorists to the police.

A village speed watch group has been working with the police

Member Jim Mcdonald said: “We get plenty of positive support from motorists and pedestrians. There are still a few who resort to abuse and inappropriate gestures but we are getting used to that.

“The support from the police is first class and we really feel this is a good community project making a difference.”

Now they have submitted a comprehensive, 50-page plan to West Sussex Highways to ask for funding for road changes to Boxgrove.

Jim said: “We have focussed on improving accessibility to public transport for all including improved crossing points and better visibility points for pedestrians.

“We want to make Boxgrove a place that is enjoyable to move about it without feeling intimidated by the car and van that travels at excessive speed.

The full plan can be viewed it on the Boxgrove Parish Council website at http://boxgrovepc.org/