How I use music therapy to help people


Music is often described as food for the soul. So it makes sense that in times of need it is used as a therapy for people to uncover what may be going on in their conscious.

Leigh Beeby is an intuitive energy healing mentor. Through her business Transform Like Butterflies she offers energy healing coaching, energy alignment method and emotional freedom technique.

She is also the creator of Music Soul Journaling – Music Therapy.

All of which helps people to let go of stress, anxiety, and depression to heal relationships.

“What happens in a session is that they listen to a song and write down their emotions and feelings, whatever comes to mind on paper or in a journal,” explains Leigh.

“They then place their hand on the book and tap their heart while saying an affirmation to let go of any negative feelings, they then listen to a ‘happy’ song and then do the process again with a positive affirmation to bring those feelings back.”

Leigh currently has 20 ‘generic’ songs people can listen to but in the future she would like songs for if you are going through a divorce, estrangement or bereavement.

“There is so much in your energy that people keep locked up and you think you have dealt with the surface but some people hold onto things for years,” she says.

Leigh, who lives in Aldwick, is a qualified transformational energy healing coach, specialises in emotional freedom technique (EFT) and energy alignment method (EAM).

Each of which draws many of its principles from traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture, EFT focuses on meridian points to restore balance to the body’s energy through gentle tapping.

It’s believed that restoring this energy balance can relieve symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression as well as emotional and physical pain.

She came across energy therapies after going through her own personal eight year battle with depression after the birth of her daughter Brooke.

“Practising these techniques can help to develop a nurturing environment within a person, making their mind and body work in harmony and release overwhelming physical or emotional pain, memories and traumatic experiences, that all contribute to unhealthy relationships with yourself and others,” Leigh explains.

A singer/songwriter Leigh had previously worked in project management for 20 years but felt it wasn’t her passion.

“I did a number of courses in energy healing and started working with mums who were juggling kids and their job and managing stress. But I wasn’t completely passionate about it. I talked to my mentor and over three hours I spoke about my career in project management and how that would bring in money and my love of music.

“In the end we came to the idea of music soul journaling, as it combines all that I am passionate about.”

Before she launched the business in April 2019 she carried out a case study of 100 people. Ten people she knew but the rest were complete strangers.

They all completed the course online and each one came back with a different response.

The ages ranged from 13 to 65 with roughly 30 men taking part.

It showed Leigh that she was on to something.

Clients have been from America, Australia and Denmark over Zoom, a video communications software.

Sessions are 90 minutes and most people take three or four sessions.

Leigh also offers a VIP day which is three hours and is usually followed up by an extra session.

She says: “I just want to heal people.

“I truly feel now I have found my purpose and passion in life.”

The music soul journaling therapy is available as an online download from Leigh’s website,

Transform Like Butterflies and offers a 30-day money back guarantee. Leigh also offers one-to-one music soul journaling and energy healing sessions as well as collaborative and group workshops.

To find out more, visit


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