Petworth faces flu jab delay due to 'freight challenges'

Petworth Surgery has warned of delays to the arrival of flu jabs due to 'unforeseen road freight challenges'.

Tuesday, 7th September 2021, 6:17 pm

Petworth Surgery was due to receive a batch of vaccines on Thursday (September 9) but following 'unforseen road freight challenges' the jabs are not expected to arrive for another two weeks.

The surgery has said it is currently unable to provide a date for the arrival of the jabs but said anyone looking to book one in can do so provisionally.

In a statement posted to social media, a spokesman for Petworth Surgery said: "We were due to receive our vaccines on the September 9 and were ready to start booking clinics however, we've just been told due to unforeseen road freight challenges, our scheduled flu vaccine delivery will be approx. Two weeks late!

Vaccine stock image

"Due to the lack of certainty/no confirmed date of delivery, we will not be able to offer a date and time until one is supplied to us by the manufacturer.

"Not all hope is lost! We can provisionally book you in to our waiting list and contact you when they are here!

"Please let the team know that you'd like a vaccine when you next call in!"