Actors Guild to perform at Revival

Vicky Meets... Robert Hall, Actor, Goodwood Actors Guild

Monday, 9th September 2019, 10:41 am
Robert Hall

What is Goodwood Actors Guild?

Goodwood Actors Guild [GAG] was founded in 2006 by Sue O’Donoghue, Theatrical Curator at the Goodwood Estate. Before this the Estate used actors from the College to perform at the Revival – I was involved in the 1999 Revival whilst an acting student at the college. As part of the burgeoning popularity of the Goodwood Revival and more events being planned throughour the year, Sue created a professional company to perform and entertain visitors.

How did you get involved?

Though my workplace at the time. A colleague told me about these auditions for GAG and I contacted Sue. Sadly, the colleague had got the dates wrong and the auditions had been and gone! But it turned out that I had worked with Sue on The Barchester Chronicles at the Festival Theatre and also on the Intensive acting course at the college. I was slipped in for a cheeky audition and was successful.

Where does your love of performance stem from?

I have been acting I was 14. My brother and I were members of the Chichester Festival Youth Theatre from 1987 until the mid-90s and acting has been a passion ever since. I studied Drama and History at university and in 2005 I finally completed a professional Acting training course with the Actors Company. As well as technique, this taught me a lot about resilience and a lot about myself as well.

What have been your highlights with the Goodwood Actors Guild?

I would say all the memories of GAG are special, but the Revival certainly provides many of the best of them. Last year myself and some colleagues wandered the site as ‘comedy medics’ interacting with the guests. Everyone loved it and as the day wore on and champagne flowed, these interactions got more and more hilarious! But a real favourite has to be the Regency Ball held during Raceweek. I love the idea of time travel and dressing up in period costume, meeting and greeting guests and being in the House in subdued lighting is just like travelling into the past. Each event and character I play is different and I get to work with some fantastic people.

You juggle a ‘day job’ with acting and writing. How important is it to have a creative outlet?

Everyone has a creative side. Creativity is very broad and if you say that you’re not creative then you are closing doors on yourself. Like a muscle, the more you work it the better it gets. I find that using the creative side of my brain complements the analytical side; the one feeds the other. Being creative always leaves me feeling energised and euphoric.

What can we expect from the Guild at this weekend’s Revival?

This year we are doing something that we have never done before and that is all I can say. But be prepared for a big surprise!

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