Meet Feed Me Momma - Chichester's vegan food prep queen

If someone had told Toni Debolla two years ago what she would be doing now, she wouldn’t have believed them.

Tuesday, 14th May 2019, 4:57 pm

“I never believed that people would want to pay to eat my food,” she says.

In May 2018 she set up Feed Me Momma, it offers catering, cooking demos and a food prep service.

The Chichester-based business initially began as an Instagram page.


“I wanted to do a cookery book so I put my recipes on Instagram and started to get lots of followers, likes and comments,” she explains.

“I have always loved cooking for people and big groups, I am a bit of a feeder.”

When Toni’s personal circumstances changed she was no longer able to afford her personal trainer, and the idea for a food prep company was formed.

“We had become good friends so when I said I couldn’t pay she said ‘why don’t you pay me in food as I love your meals’,” Toni smiles.

Feed Me Momma

“My personal trainer shared her meals on Instagram and people from the gym asked me to cook for them.

“Then my yoga teacher Nikki Perry started having my meals for her yogi visits and more and more people began asking for my food.”

After her dad died Toni decided to go for it.

“I just thought life is too short,” she says.

All of Toni’s food is meat and dairy free and she has been vegan for just over a year.

“I had been veggie for a while and sometimes had fish but I do it for compassion towards animals,” explains Toni.

“My eight year old daughter eats vegan as I won’t cook meat but if we are out and she wants fish I don’t stop her.

“She asks questions and I’m very honest but it is her choice what she wants to eat.”

For the food prep service the menu is updated weekly and orders need to be placed by Thursday evening to be delivered on the Monday.

“I cook on Sunday night and early Monday morning. I drop food with Nikki in the morning then go out and do my deliveries in the afternoon,” she explains.

She will deliver within a ten mile radius of Chichester including Bognor, Havant, and Lavant.

The boxes include curries, and chillis and even though the menu changes each week there is one dish she has to make sure she includes.

“The daal, if I take it off I get loads of emails and messages asking for it,” she laughs.

“Food is either cold like the salads or just need warming up.”

People can order one meal or eight, but if they order more than four they get a discount. Alongside the meals there are add-ons like breakfast pots, energy balls, and brownies which can be added to the order.

The inspiration behind the dishes come from recipes Toni has found online, some of which she has made vegan and more healthy.

“I just strip it back to make it cleaner and healthier,” she says.

“But I do them and have to try and remember how I did it as I don’t always write them down.”

Talking to Toni you can see how passionate she is about her business.

“I just want to provide clean healthy food.

“It has just really grown and I have been amazed. I would love to be able to employ someone and have a delivery driver but at the moment it is just me.

“I love what I do, it gives me real happiness to share my food and see people enjoy it.”

All meals can be collected from the Cowshed, Sidlesham on Monday mornings or are available for delivery on Monday Afternoon within a ten-mile radius of Chichester. All meals £8.- £9. each or £7.50 when you order four or more. To place your order simply DM or email Toni no later than the Thursday prior.

For more info, visit Or follow Toni on Instagram - @feed_me_mommaPicture: Helen Cawte Photography -