DOWN MEMORY LANE Can anyone help track down Jean?

Margaret Gillespie likes reading the stories about readers’ memories of the second world war.

And she wonders whether readers with memories that stretch that far could help her out.

She writes: I enjoyed reading about the war evacuees who were sent to Chichester during the second world war, and I wonder if anyone could help me trace a young girl named Jean Harding.

I believe she was five years of age when she arrived in Chichester and was first billeted with Mrs Redman in Spitalfield Lane.

After several months she transferred to Franklin Place with a lady who fostered children, and at a later stage was living in the children’s home in St Paul’s Road, which I believe was named Woodlands.

Jean did not return to London, but I believe was among the children who were sent to Australia in the mid-1940s.

Can anyone help me trace Jean? I have been endeavouring to trace her for a considerable time and so far have only drawn a blank.

Well, our readers are good at solving mysteries. Can anyone help? If you have any details, let us know and we’ll pass on the details to Margaret.