DOWN MEMORY LANE: Can you put a name to these musical faces?

Do you recognise anyone in this photograph?
Do you recognise anyone in this photograph?

The search is on for anyone who recognises themselves or others in this photo send to Down Memory Lane by Valerie (nee Adsett) of Middleton-on-Sea, who writes:

I wonder if any readers remember this photo being taken and who can recognise themselves.

It was taken at the old Westloats Senior School, the majority of the girls were in class 4 music.

The teacher was a Miss Hussey (in front centre) the year was around 1957/58.

I do remember many of these girls but there are several I cant put a name to, so could anyone help with names please?

If you can put a name to some of the faces, please email and we will pass on the details to Valerie.