DOWN MEMORY LANE Farewell to teacher was tear-jerker

READER Dorothy Henly (nee Hodgson) of Walderton, Chichester, enjoyed the pictures of the staff of the Lancastrian Girls’ School.

She says: What pleasure it was to see those photos of my old teachers.

I was a pupil at the Lancastrian from 1947 until 1950 and remember nearly all the teachers in the photograph.

My most vivid memory was the retirement of Miss Trott, our super headmistress.

We had a special assembly where we presented Miss Trott with a handbag bought by the pupils for just a few pennies each. To mark the occasion Miss Brown (music) had adapted suitable words to two well-known songs which we all sang to Miss Trott.

Speed bonny boat with your fluttering flag out to the USA.

Carry Miss Trott with her handsome new bag out to the USA.

This was sung to Over the sea to Skye.

Of course, emotions ran high and we were singing and crying at the same time, as was Miss Trott. After her retirement she was going to the US for a grand holiday.

The last song was also sad:

Our Miss Trott in now awa

Safely o’er the stormy main

All our hearts will break in twa

Should she no come back again...

More tears, but hey, what a memory.