DOWN MEMORY LANE: Meteor’s close encounter with the ‘G’ forces

Another snippet of UK aero history has been sent to Down Memory Lane by Ben Dunk, who writes:

About 1951, I was working at Thorney Island airfield, as an electrician for The Air Ministry. 
At that time ‘G’ force suits were being tested by pilots in Meteor fighter planes.

The planes would be put into a dive over the estuary between Thorney Island and Hayling Island; then pulled out of the dive a few hundred feet up to create the ‘G’ forces required.

On one fatal occasion a Meteor plane failed to pull out of its dive and crashed vertically into the mud flats of the estuary; completely immersing itself and disappearing under the mud.

To the best of my knowledge only the pilot was recovered and the plane was left there.

All good wishes to you and that ‘Old Faithful, The Observer’ and all who sail in her!

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