20 is Plenty, say Chichester cycle campaigners

CYCLE campaigners took part in the Chichester Gala in support of 20’s plenty speed limits.

Members of 20’s Plenty for Chichester were at the gala on Saturday to raise awareness of their campaign.

Fifty supporters gathered to show support for the campaign for 20mph limits to be enforced throughout the city.

Supporters are encouraging the introduction of the speed limit and believe it will make Chichester a nicer place to live, with quieter, calmer streets.

The group wants the speed limit to be introduced to also reduce noise, allow children to feel safe walking and cycling to school and reduce high pollution levels.

Sarah Sharp, campaign leader, said “I am delighted with the turn-out. We wanted to raise the profile of the campaign and I’m sure we managed to do this.

“We hope people will see 20mph limits on our streets will not add greatly to journey times, but will enable more parents to feel it is safe for their children to walk and cycle and play outside. 20’s Plenty offers the opportunity for motorists to continue motoring, without intimidating their fellow citizens.”