A bad first day behind the wheel

Bus Driver takes a wrong turn through Chichester SUS-150601-125330001
Bus Driver takes a wrong turn through Chichester SUS-150601-125330001

WHEN it comes to bad first days at a new job this has to be up there.

New Year’s Eve shoppers in Chichester’s town centre may have spotted this rather unusual sight after a new bus driver accidentally took a wrong turn.

The number 54 Emsworth & District is thought to have travelled down the pedestrian-only North Street, taken a left at the cross and then stopped on East Street.

The above photo was snapped by Chichester resident John Douglas as he strolled through town on December 31.

John said: “I was walking down North Street and not really paying much attention when it passed me slowly travelling just faster then walking speed.

“I didn’t really think about it until it went left at the clock tower and I suddenly thought ‘hang on that’s the back of the bus’.

“It stopped in East Street and people got off and quite a few shoppers were looking at it and taking photos.

“It had a normal number on it so I could only assume it was a new driver who just got lost.”

The bus company confirmed the mistake. Caren Austin-Lea, director at Emsworth and District Motor Services Ltd, said: “I have investigated with my operations manager and one of our new drivers went wrong on his first day solo.

“Having realised, he said he had no option than to proceed at a very slow pace.”