A-level results: Bishop Luffa School

STUDENTS at Bishop Luffa have been celebrating their results – as many prepare to head off to university.

There were squeals of delight as the sixth-formers opened their envelopes and shared their plans with friends, parents and teachers.

Esther King, Matthew Thompson, Nathan King, Jack Scott and Chris Taylor SUS-140814-102218001

Esther King, Matthew Thompson, Nathan King, Jack Scott and Chris Taylor SUS-140814-102218001

Emma Thurgood, who did better than she expected, got A*, A, B.

“I’m so excited,” she said.

“It is a lot better than I was expecting so I’m really pleased. It was a surprise. I’m going to Reading to study psychology.”

More than two-thirds of all the exams the group of 138 students entered gained grades between A*and B. With a 99 per cent pass rate, 15 per cent of all their exams achieved an A*, and 41 per cent A*-A grades.

Nick Taunt, Headteacher, said, “I am absolutely delighted for our students. Their hard work, excellent teaching and their commitment to the wider life of the School have brought results that are beyond even our high expectations.

“Exam results are not everything, of course. I am very proud of this group of students who have grown, through their Sixth Form experience, into determined, responsible, caring and thoughtful young people. I wish them every success in the future.”

Ian Thomas, Head of Sixth Form, said, “These are great exam results from an impressive year group. They deserve their success from all their hard work over the past two years. Most will now move on to their first-choice university or start careers, and others will take a well-deserved gap year.”

Three Bishop Luffa students have secured places at Oxford and Cambridge. Sophie Bennett goes to Oxford to read French and linguistics, Seb Burgess heads to Cambridge to study engineering, and Eleanor Grant-Richardson takes up her offer at Oxford to read Theology and Religion.

Having also achieved top grades, four students take up places to study medicine: Katie Adams and Ruth Allan respectively go to Cardiff and Edinburgh Universities, while Georgina Freeborn and Beth Mitchell are off to London, at University College and St George’s respectively.

A further, 23 students gained three or more A* or A grades each.

Esther King celebrated her results – an A* and two As – and is all set to study diatetics at Kings College London.

Matthew Thompson worked hard for an A*, A and two Bs and will be venturing to Bristol to study aerospace engineering.

His friend Nathan King got A*, two As and a B and will be studying mechanical engineering at Bath. With one A* and three As, Jack Scott-Green will be studying maths at Bristol and Chris Taylor’s future is certainly bright after he achieved 3 A*s.

Kizzie Bridgman and Matt Jacobs were pleased to both be going to Keele University.

“It’s amazing,” said Kizzie, who achieved three As.

“We have been together for three and a half years so we’re going together,” said Matt, who got two As and a B.

Harry Johnson was also pleased with his results – achieving two A*s and a B, and planning to study architecture at University College London.