A-LEVELS: Chichester High Schools Sixth Form celebrates great results

THE sixth form centre was buzzing this morning as students rushed in to get their much anticipated A-Level results.

There were plenty of high fliers and it was a record year for the sixth form, where 99 per cent of students got A* to E.

Students celebrate their A-Level results

Students celebrate their A-Level results

And 69 per cent of students got A* to C – which is four per cent higher than last year.

Chichester High School for Boys headteacher Gavin Salvesen-Sawh, said: “I am delighted with how the joint sixth form performed this year. It shows the strength of the year group.”

For a full report, and quotes from the students and teachers, see next week’s Observer (August 22).

A Level Results Highlights

• Annabel Forsdyke 2 A*’s, 2 A’s, Natalie Wernham 1A*, 2 A’s, Clare Anscombe 1 A*, 1A, 1 B, Kathryn Bell 1 A*, 1A, 2B’s, Emily Sabin 1 A*, 1A, 1 B,

• Jon Allen 3A*’s 1A, Josh Warwick 2 A*’s, 1A, 1 B, Aru Kathegesu 2 A*’s, 1 A’s, Tom Weeks 1 A*, 2 A’s, Reuben Field 1 A*, 2A’s

AS Level Highlights

• Heather Curtis, 5 A’s, Rebecca Manning 5 A’s, Abbey Lamb 4 A’s 1 B, Hannah Adams 3 A’s, 1B, Thea Miller 3 A’s, 1 B, Georgina Warner 2 A’s, 2 B’s,

• Samson Poole 4 A’s, 1 B, Michael Stephens 4 A’s, Ben Thair 4 A’s, Harry Crocker 2A’s, 2 B’s, Luke Hudlass-Galley 2 A’s, 2 B’s,