A short test which could save lives

A bioscan SUS-140107-105339001
A bioscan SUS-140107-105339001

A BLOOD-testing day could help save the lives of men.

PCaSO, a charity aiming to support men with prostate cancer and their families, is holding a a PSA Blood Testing Day on Saturday, 
July 12.

It will be held between 10am-3pm at Chichester Baptist Church.

The PSA blood test is available free to all men aged 45-75, and is a simple test which can detect a problem with the prostate.

Ian Graham-Jones, secretary of the central branch of PCaSO, said: “It is really important that prostate cancer is tested properly, and we really want to encourage men to come and along and get tested at one of our 
free events.”

PCaSO Prostate Cancer Network is a patient-led support organisation, and aims to improve the diagnosis, treatment, care and support to those affected by prostate cancer as well as help and inform people about the illness.

The organisation has branches covering Dorset, Hampshire and Sussex and offers its services free to men and their families as well as anyone else affected by prostate cancer.

The PSA blood test is considered the best simple test available as results are given within 15 minutes from a tiny blood sample from a finger or thumb.

Other tests given by GPs are available only if a patient specifically asks for one and the results can take at least a week to obtain.

PCaSO will have at least six of the special PSA Watch Bioscan machines on site during the day, which test the blood results given by men participating in the test.

Operated by trained nurses or PCaSO personnel, this system enables PCaSO to test between 75 and 100 men in a single day.

After 15 minutes, men participating in the test receive their results along with a phone number of a consultant urologist they can contact if they have any concerns.

PCaSO and other support organisations have been running such events around the country with the support of the Graham Fulford Trusts, hoping to advance education and information about prostate cancer to men who have or are at risk of the disease, as well as their partners, families and friends.

Men or family members wishing to book a test should phone the PCaSO helpline on 0845 650 2555 for an appointment, or visit PCaSO’s website on www.pcaso.org for more information.