Affordable houses up for grabs in East Wittering

RESIDENTS are invited to register a local connection to East Wittering for a new affordable housing development in the parish.

Chichester District Council and Hyde Martlet will be holding a Local Connection Registration Event on Monday, February 10, at Bracklesham Barn. District council staff, parish councillors and Hyde Martlet representatives, will be available between 3pm and 7pm to discuss the development.

A total of 15 affordable rented homes are being built off Piggery Hall Lane in East Wittering.

The homes will be prioritised for households that are able to prove a local connection to the parish of East Wittering and Bracklesham.

A local connection is defined as:

n being a current East Wittering/Bracklesham resident (for at least 12 months); or

n being permanently employed within East Wittering/Bracklesham (for a minimum of 18 hours a week, for at least 12 months); or

n having a family member currently permanently living in East Wittering/Bracklesham (defined exclusively as parents, siblings or children; for a minimum of five years); or

n being a previous East Wittering/Bracklesham resident that has been forced to move away due to a lack of affordable housing.

Interested housing register applicants who feel they meet any of the criteria must make sure the district council has all the relevant information to allocate the properties. Please bring along to the session, any evidence to support at least one of the local connections listed above. This will make sure that a bid for one of the properties is considered in line with the council’s allocation scheme.

This event will also provide an opportunity to make sure housing register applications are up-to-date.

If you have any further queries, or are unable to make the appointed times, please contact the housing team’s customer service centre at Chichester District Council on 01243 534734.