Affordable housing shortfall

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THE number of affordable homes built last year in the district fell short of its target.

Chichester District Council oversaw the building of 91 homes, down on the 110 target, with the recession blamed for affecting completion.

The council should also have delivered 30 additional affordable homes through its own funds but managed only 13, a task and finish group found.

But speaking at the overview and scrutiny meeting on Tuesday, cllr Pat Dignum said: “The recession has affected completions but they will be made up. “A written answer from Linda Grange (housing enabling manager) showed the annual targets were delayed by the recession, but the 2014/15 figures are expected to exceed this and make up the deficit.”

The council will also seek a written answer from Hyde as to why the redevelopment of the Chichester Heritage site had now been turned to 100 per cent affordable housing when it was originally a 50-50 split with homes for the market.