An end to sat-nav problems in Tangmere

Peter Roberts and James Dean with the street sign
Peter Roberts and James Dean with the street sign

TANGMERE residents are taking action to change their road name after almost 20 years of problems resulting from a road with the same name nearby.

Two roads in the village, one residential and one leading to a business park and both named City Fields Way, are causing numerous problems including emergency services not being able to find the correct address.

Peter Roberts, who lives on the residential road, spoke of how the previous owners of his house warned him of a time they called the fire service.

“They had a kitchen fire in the house and the fire brigade were driving around the business park trying to find them,” he explained.

“Our neighbours also once called an ambulance and it went to the business park.

“It could happen at a time when it is absolutely crucial and those few minutes could be the difference between life and death.”

Peter, along with residents James and Carole Dean, have suggested a new name of ‘Merlin Close’ for their street which Tangmere Parish Council will recommend to Chichester District Council.

“We’ve all had the frustrations ever since we’ve been here and decided we would get together and do something about it,” he added.

When the two roads and business park were originally built almost 20 years ago there were plans to link them.

However, this never happened, and residents are now experiencing problems including undelivered mail and large articulated lorries getting stuck in their cul-de-sac due to their sat-navs taking them to the wrong street.

“The articulated lorries end up on our cul-de-sac and it blocks up the road for everybody else,” said James.

Thankfully there have been no issues with emergency services for Peter or James and Carole yet.

They are glad that they will no longer have to worry after what Peter called the ‘common sense’ decision.