Anonymous tests to beat infection

Chlamydia testing initiative at Western Sussex Hospitals
Chlamydia testing initiative at Western Sussex Hospitals

YOUNG people who want to check for an infection can now get themselves tested with no fuss or embarrassment.

Chlamydia tests are available online or via text thanks to a new NHS initiative called Click, Test, Send.

“For young people who are sexually active, getting checked for chlamydia should be a regular event,” said Dr Janet Michaelis, associate specialist in sexual and reproductive health at Western Sussex Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

“I think we all know that many people might be embarrassed by the idea of being screened for a sexually-transmitted infection, and that is why we have tried to make it as easy as possible, and give people the chance to get checked without having to go to a clinic or talk to staff.”

“Ultimately, the risks to both men and women from chlamydia are that you may become infertile, you get an avoidable infection which could cause you long-term pain and you can unknowingly pass it on to other people.

“That can all be avoided by simply ordering a testing kit online, or via text message – not a lot to ask, when you think about what can be gained.” Visit www.sexualhealthwest