Another twist in the tale of three little stray pigs

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ANOTHER twist has been added to the tale of three pigs which have been spotted roaming the streets in Colworth.

Last week’s Observer reported that a black sow had made itself a home in an orchard at the end of Liz Hanan’s garden in the village.

Liz found the pig a few weeks ago.

She didn’t know where the sow came from but it seemed happy in its new home so Liz let it get comfortable and she named it ‘Miss Piggy’.

Liz also said she saw two pink spotted pigs roaming the street which she suspected could have been dumped along with Miss Piggy but she didn’t know where they had gone.

On Monday, Colworth resident Neil Cotty sent in a photo of the two little pink spotted pigs which Liz described – now making themselves at home in his garden.

“They have decided to move into our garden, specifically our apple orchard,” he said.

“I think they are the two pigs the lady mentions at the end of the article. It was quite a surprise finding them running around our garden!

“One of them is slightly injured so we’ve called the vet.

“We’re not sure who they belong to, but my wife and kids are pressurising me into keeping them!”

If anyone has any further information regarding where the animals might have come from email