Arson and cat rescue attended by West Sussex firefighters

INCIDENTS attended by West Sussex firefighters from Friday, March 30, to Sunday, April 1, include:-

Friday, March 30, 11.09am to 12.17pm:

House, in Wineham Lane, Wineham – assistance to RSPCA. Cat believed to have been up tree for three days. Cat rescued by firefighters using an aerial ladder platform from Worthing and left in the care of an RSPCA officer.

Friday, March 30, 12.13pm to 12.29pm:

Crammer Road, Worthing – items of clothing on fire in the open. Fire extinguished by crew from Worthing.

Friday, March 30, 1.13pm to 2.45pm:

Woods at Graffham – small area of shrub land and undergrowth alight in woods. Beaters and water backpacks used by firefighters from Petworth. Arsonists blamed.

Saturday, March 31, 11.22am to 11.51am:

Oliver Whitby Road, Chichester – crash involving five cars. One woman helped from car by paramedics and given first aid at the scene. One elderly man helped from a different car and given medical assessment by paramedics. Scene made safe by firefighters from Chichester.

Saturday, March 31, 12.55pm to 4.28pm:

Two-storey block of flats, Manor Road, Selsey – firefighters forced entry to flat after a report of the smell of smoke. A small fire in the kitchen area was already out but the elderly man living there was found in the bedroom and confirmed dead. The cause of the death is unknown and the cause of the fire, believed to have started accidentally, is still under investigation. The flat was fitted with a smoke alarm but it was found to have no battery.

Saturday, March 31, 3.58pm to 4.53pm:

House, in Okehurst Road, Billingshurst – chimney fire. Advice given by Billingshurst fire crew.

Saturday, March 31, 5.56pm to 6pm:

Crossbush Lane, Crossbush, near Arundel – area of hedgerow on fire. Fire caused by carelessly discarded smoking materials. One crew form Arundel in attendance.

Saturday, March 31, 6.59pm to 7.50pm:

River bank off Brooks Lane, Bognor Regis – area of reeds set alight. Arsonists blamed, one crew from Bognor on scene.

Saturday, March 31, 7.06pm to 7.21pm:

Southfields Park, Southfields Road, Littlehampton – bin fire extinguished by Littlehampton firefighters. Arsonists blamed.

Saturday, March 31, 11.05pm to 11.40pm:

Pub in Steyning High Street – smell of smoke in pub cellar. Cellar investigated by firefighters using thermal imaging camera. Small fire in cellar hatch door to pavement, believed to be accidental ignition. Crews from Worthing and Shoreham in attendance.

Sunday, April 1, 9.18pm to 9.34pm:

The Steyne, Worthing – fire in skip outside hotel. One crew from Worthing on scene. Arsonists blamed for blaze.

All information is provided by West Sussex Fire and Rescue Service.