AUDIO CD REVIEW: Doctor Who: Demon Quest 3 - A Shard of Ice, BBC Audio CD.

A Shard Of Ice brings chilly thrills for the good Doctor in the third instalment of the impressive Demon Quest saga.

It’s gripping stuff from the off, Doctor Who catapulted into the kind of gripping situation that only the Doctor could get himself into - and out of.

In the icy wastes of the Murgin Pass, the Doctor and Mike unwittingly block the route for a panic-stricken Albert Tiermann, story teller to the king and a man convinced that it will be the end of his own particular story if he doesn’t reach the king in time.

But in treacherous conditions, there is no way he is going anywhere. Instead, he, Mike and the Doctor are forced to seek refuge in a remote lodge, and it’s here that Albert becomes increasingly fascinated by the Doctor, not least for the reason that the Doctor dangles in front of him a book the desperate writer is yet to write.

Things take a sinister turn, however, when we find Albert in conversation with his muse; and then it’s not long before murder shakes them all.

As ever, it’s a tale which rips along, all so cleverly rooted in the plausible until it becomes clear that otherworldly beings are pulling the strings. The Doctor must face his demon once again - and once more the battle is played out mostly in the mind, delicately balanced and with fearful consequences.

Author: Paul Magrs

Reader: Tom Baker and Susan Jameson and Cast

Running Time: 1hrs 6mins

With Tom Baker as the Doctor, Richard Franklin as Mike Yates, Samuel West as Tiermann, Carole Boyd as Frau Herz, Jan Francis as the Ice Queen, Tom Lawrence as Hans, and Susan Jameson as Mrs Wibbsey, A Shard Of Ice is the third of five linked stories written by the Paul Magrs.

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