Author writes true story on drug smuggling

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A Chichester man has written a book about his experience of nearly being conned into a major international drug smuggling operation.

Stephen Heubach, 50, of Bognor Road, wrote a book called ‘Strike of the Cobra’ based on a series of events in his life which began when he was approached by a Turkish man at the international Boat Show in London in 1998.

The man told him his company could produce the boats he was selling at a more reasonable price.

Stephen travelled to Turkey to visit the factory.

He was picked up from the airport by the man who said he was driving his own Mercedes but Stephen could see the car was clearly brand new.

This began his suspicions.

The book tells the story of his nerve-wracking trip and how he later became a witness in the man’s trial at the Old Bailey for one of the largest drugs hauls in the UK at the time.

The book was officially published by Mereo Books in March 14 and it went on to Amazon in Nov 13.

It is available to buy at Waterstones, Foyles and Amazon.