Avenue de Chartres ‘teething problems’ as barriers introduced

DESPITE some initial problems with new barriers at a Chichester car park yesterday (January 26), a council spokeswoman said everything was working smoothly on day two.

The pay-on-exit system has been introduced at the Avenue de Chartres car park, with Chichester District Council having long-term plans to introduce them at other large city car parks.

Council staff on hand as the barriers go into action

Council staff on hand as the barriers go into action

However, there appeared to be problems with the barriers’ number-plate recognition system yesterday morning, with council staff having to jot down the number plates on a notepad and drivers told there were ‘teething problems’ with the software.

Jane Hotchkiss, the council’s head of commercial services, was on hand and said the first day was running well, with them taking down number plates as insurance. She said the car park was full and drivers were benefitting from the new technology.

The contractor was also on hand to ensure the new technology was introduced as smoothly as possible.

However, further problems were reported in the evening with the barriers apparently failing. Drivers said the barriers had to be lifted manually.

The council warned last week there could be initial problems with the new software.

This morning (January 27), a spokeswoman from Chichester District Council said there had been no major issues yesterday and they had been anticipating it would take a short while to fine-tune the new system.

“We knew when it first went live we were bound to have a few teething problems,” she said.

“Yesterday, yes there were the odd one or two where it wasn’t registering their registration plate. It was the first day. They rebooted the system and it was fine.

“They were fine-tuning it and making sure it was ready and able to cope with it all.

“Because it was the odd one or two it wasn’t fraught with problems and today it’s working a lot more smoothly.

“We knew that there would be a few teething problems, that’s all they were yesterday.

“There weren’t any major issues, it was working well. On the first day we knew there would be a few teething problems. It’s really fine tuning it and getting it right.”

Writing on the Observer’s Facebook page, Chrissie Bennett said she used it late yesterday afternoon with no problems.