Balloons launched at Fishbourne school travel far

The balloons being released at Fishbourne Summer Fete
The balloons being released at Fishbourne Summer Fete

THE SKY was transformed into a spectacle of red, white and blue at Fishbourne School, Church and Village Fete.

Pupils from Fishbourne School celebrated the fete with the mass launch of a balloon race, releasing a number of balloons into the air.

A ‘found’ tag was attached to each balloon, so anyone who found the balloon could inform the school how far it had travelled.

Among some of the well-travelled balloons was one that had reached as far as Europe.

Pupils also added their returned ‘found’ tags to a giant map in the school to track whose balloon had travelled the furthest distance in the grand balloon race.

The balloon race launch was part of the annual fete, which was sports-themed to celebrate the Olympics.

The fancy dress competition was won by Leo Tregear, who dressed up as his sporting hero John McEnroe and runner-up Oliver Kingswell who dressed up as Usain Bolt.

The event raised around £5000 which will be divided equally between Fishbourne School and Fishbourne Church for various projects.

“It was a very good day, one of the best we have had. Thanks to all who took part and helped out on the day,” said Ian Rycroft, treasurer of Fishbourne church.