Bedding goes to new home as charities join forces

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A CHARITY in Sidlesham is helping vulnerable members of society by donating bedding to an organisation which supports homeless people.

Brent Lodge Bird and Wildlife Trust receives numerous donations of duvets, towels, sheets and sleeping bags, some of which it cannot use for the animals.

To stop them being wasted it has formed a partnership with Hunston charity Stonepillow, and transferred to it any good-quality bedding it is unable to use. In return, Stonepillow will be taking along all its newspapers for use in the animal pens.

The link was the idea of Brent Lodge volunteer Danny Dawes who is now hoping to form links with other charities across the area to see how they can help each other in practical ways, for example by sharing equipment.

Last week Danny presented a pile of blankets, pillows and duvets to Kevin Bristow (pictured), senior project manager at the Old Glassworks in Chichester, run by Stonepillow.

“Everyone will benefit, it’s a win-win situation,” said Mr Bristow.

Mr Dawes said the initiative would help prevent waste, too. “There are so many things I come across which we can’t use that could be useful to other organisations. I want to bring charities together to see if we can work together, it will be for the good of all of us.”

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