Beloved Chichester father remembered by family

Dick Prescott pictured at Litten Gardens on Remembrance Sunday
Dick Prescott pictured at Litten Gardens on Remembrance Sunday

A FAMILIAR face was missing from the Chichester remembrance service on Sunday.

Dick Prescott, of Priory Road, passed away on May 18, aged 91.

A former soldier, he had attended almost every memorial service at Litten Gardens since it began – only illness had prevented him attending on very rare occasions.

“Last week was quite emotional for the family,” said his daughter Carole Edwards of the first memorial service without her father.

“We’re very proud of him. We miss him to bits.

“I think he’s left a little bit of himself in us with his military ways.”

Mr Prescott was born on February 2, 1922, in Tower Street and lived all his civilian life in Chichester.

After leaving the army, he became a postman in the area for 25 years.

He married in 1947 and had three children.

Mrs Edwards said her father often used to walk and meet his friends in the Dolphin and Anchor, opposite the cathedral.

“He was born in Tower Street, right by the library, so he’s always been a Chichester man.”

For a number of years, Mr Prescott did not talk about his second world war experiences.

“He didn’t talk about it until the last ten years. He was an only child and went into the army when he was quite young.”

He had a number of near misses during his service – he was torpedoed three times.

Mrs Edwards said her father remained a ‘very regimental man’ and always ensured he had a clean shirt during his years as a postman.

She said he used to laugh when he saw postmen wearing shorts nowadays, in comparison to the uniform he used to have to wear.

After leaving the regular army, he served in the territorial army.

Every year, Mr Prescott would attend Litten Gardens on Remembrance Sunday, often refusing offers of a lift as he wished to walk there himself.

“There’s so few left from that era that could get up and go. He was always very proud of it,” said Mrs Edwards.

Mr Prescott’s wife passed away in 2005.

At his funeral, the coffin was draped with the Union Flag and the Last Post was played.