Birdham pupils show off Easter hats

Easter bonnet parade at Birdham Primary School
Easter bonnet parade at Birdham Primary School

CHILDREN at Birdham Primary School had a spring in their step at the end of term, as they celebrated Easter.

Headteacher Mr Flaxbeard invited the parents of Green Class to a craft afternoon.

They were given a task of working with their children to design an Easter bonnet, for a school parade later that week.

The children designed some magnificent creations using glitter, sequins, balloons and tissue paper.

The bonnets were then paraded during the weekly sharing assembly on Friday in front of all their friends and parents of the school.

Birdham Primary’s Red Class has also been learning about the lifecycle of a butterfly. They enjoyed the story of the Hungry Caterpillar and decided to buy their own caterpillars to watch them turn into butterflies.

They watched them grow before turning into pupae inside a chrysalis. After a week they began to hatch from the chrysalis into butterflies. Children held them very gently and looked closely at them, then set them free into the school orchard.