Birthday celebrations for Beauteek

Celebrating her Chichester-based salon's seventh birthday, I asked Emilia Massoumian of Beauteek Holistic and Beauty Retreat how challenging running a small independent business in the current climate is.

Monday, 10th September 2018, 10:43 am
Updated Monday, 10th September 2018, 10:48 am
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“Of course there are challenges, but really taking care of your clients is the most important thing that any small business can do. I have been a therapist for many years and I believe that my passion for helping people and making them feel better is the main reason behind Beauteek’s success, but a warm and sincere welcome and treating everyone as an individual is very important,” said Emilia, who firmly believes that taking time out to re-energise and reflect is beneficial in itself.

“A facial, for instance is very relaxing, but holistic treatments are also very powerful. I try to mix the latest industry advances with traditional and holistic treatments, as I think this gives people the best of both worlds.”

And as if running a thriving salon wasn’t enough, Emilia has recently graduated from Chichester University as a qualified as a counsellor.

“It has been a juggling act,” she admitted, “but I have always been a very good listener and being a beauty therapist allows you to build a rapport with clients. I realised that I had the potential to make a difference, so I began training six years ago.”

Still working full time at Beauteek (“it was very intense and demanding!), her hard work and effort paid off.

“The training was incredibly rewarding and now I work as a volunteer with two local organisations, as well as running a private practice.

“Offering beauty, holistic treatments and counselling under the same roof is rare, but there are many regulations and a very strict code of ethics that counsellors must adhere to. I have to work within very strict boundaries and counselling and beauty treatments must be offered and treated as completely different services, but my role as a beauty therapist gives me more flexibility and allows me to have a more relaxed and open approach.

“I consider myself very lucky as I’m able to help people in different aspects of their life,” she said, adding that counselling is an extremely healthy way of dealing with emotional issues.

“We all have our difficulties and sometimes it helps to share them. Unresolved issues can become overwhelming. Counselling provides invaluable support in a safe and non-judgemental environment. It allows you to see life from a different perspective and to realise that there is nearly always hope.”

Of her work with people suffering with terminal illnesses she said: “I am very honoured to have supported people on this very difficult journey. I hope that I have, even in some small way, been of help to them.”

But while blowing the candles on Beauteek’ seventh birthday cake with pride, gratitude is the dominant emotion. Smiling, she said:

“I am very grateful to my loyal clients for their continued support and for being part of Beauteek’s journey.” More details: and [email protected]