Bishop Luffa teenagers speak to Sussex police commissioner

Katy Bourne with students at Bishop Luffa
Katy Bourne with students at Bishop Luffa

THE FUTURE of policing got a youthful perspective after Sussex’s police and crime commissioner Katy Bourne visited Bishop Luffa school in Chichester.

Mrs Bourne discussed issues with students this month, with special attention on the link between young people and the police.

“This was a thought-provoking workshop, as all students realised the importance of a positive relationship with the police,” said Olly Clink of Year 13.

“It was reassuring to see the police and crime commissioner there in person and openly listening and discussing the issues we raised.”

The Sussex youth commission is a scheme designed to involve young people in forming and challenging the police and crime plan for Sussex.

Mrs Bourne described the sixth-formers as ‘honest and open’ in their views and experiences of the police.

“It was interesting to hear that students felt that in the large it is only through misbehaving that you may have any dealings with the police,” she said.

“I was encouraged to hear that young people really would like to get to know their local policing teams a little better.”

Headteacher Nick Taunt added: “The general perception of young people can be largely unfair. They see groups of young people and feel intimidated based on a misconception.

“Our young people are part of one the most caring, thoughtful and giving generations I have had the pleasure of teaching throughout my many years in education.”