Bognor Regis nightclub owner defends bus service

A nightclub in Bognor Regis has defended its new bus service which picks up revellers from Chichester after complaints noise and drunken behaviour would get worse.

The new service, run by Stagecoach, was set up by Vision to give people a cheaper option for travelling to and from its club at Bognor Pier.

Revellers can get a return journey from the Stagecoach bus depot in Chichester to Vision.

Residents and businesses have complained there has been more noise and ‘trouble’ at the bus depot, but the nightclub said it has seen no such incidents occurring on its new service.

Vision spokesman Crawford Winkworth said: “After considerable research, it was clear that customers were put off coming out for the night due to high taxi fares to and from Bognor.

“With students struggling with rising educational costs, it was decided in spring 2011 to introduce a bus service for our student night on a Thursday.

“Students pick up the bus from the campus and more importantly, are ensured a safe journey back.

“The student night service worked so well, Vision worked hard together with Arun District Council, Sussex Police and Stagecoach to provide a Saturday service to customers wanting to come to Bognor.

“The bus has three SIA-badged security staff assigned to the service to ensure passenger safety.

“Anyone who has consumed too much alcohol will be refused travel.”

Stagecoach is also working in partnership with Thursdays nightclub, in Oving, which recently re-opened after a staff changeover and a reduction in its opening hours.

It has transported revellers to the club for years.

John and Sharon Chittock, owners of The Globe Inn pub in Southgate, Chichester, said they had seen fights happen near the bus depot and feared this could get worse with the introduction of Vision’s new bus service. They said most people were confused when it was first introduced two weeks ago, with some people queueing at the wrong station.

Now, both Stagecoach services going to and from Thursdays and Vision will operate at the bus depot.

Last week Sussex Police said it had not received any reports about fights or drunken behaviour and that figures showed a decline in violent injury in the city.

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