Boxgrove school celebrates Commonwealth countries

A '˜Commonwealth Celebration Day' was held at Boxgrove C.E.P School on Friday.

Wednesday, 25th April 2018, 11:44 am
Updated Friday, 8th June 2018, 3:27 am
Pupils in their outfits representing other countries

Children and staff, in outfits representing many of the 53 Commonwealth countries, from Scotland to the Seychelles and on to Samoa, attended the celebration, which was hosted on the back of the Commonwealth Games.

Mrs Kim Thornton, headteacher, said: “We enjoyed sharing our countries with each other first thing in the morning and seeing each of us in our “costumes”. Some chose to represent their country’s flag colours e.g Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, Malta and Botswana. Some came stylising themselves with a particular “wear” - one represented Australia wearing a cork hat, another had Maori designs on her face to represent New Zealand. Another wore a Lehenga and two others a sari, to represent India. Others created t-shirt designs for their chosen country. The amazing facts gleaned from the different countries were fascinating - for example, the dodo bird only ever lived in Mauritius. With the University of Chichester PE students, the children in Years Three to Five enjoyed a mini Commonwealth Games input and in class the children learnt a little bit about what the Commonwealth is, how it started and how the countries today support each other. Some children of course happily tucked into their Commonwealth themed packed lunches at lunchtime - someone happily tucked into pineapple from the Bahamas, another munched on poppadoms, mango and cake rusks from India and vegemite sandwiches representing Australia were also very popular!”

T-shirt designs for Scotland and Jamaica