Bracklesham residents say no to developments

A parish council meeting which discussed the proposed development on a green field site brought various councils and residents together in a bid to stop the construction of 50 new dwellings in Bracklesham.

Councillors of East Wittering and Bracklesham Parish Council discussed the viability of Wates developments’ proposal to build on the field at the end of Beech Avenue.

They produced a document now online which extensively outlines the objections to the plans, including traffic problems, sewerage issues and the low availability of jobs in the area.

Members of Earnley and Donnington parish council’s attended the meeting and said they had concerns about the plans because of the increased traffic going through Donnington, and the possible coalescence between the parishes of Bracklesham and Earnley.

Jim Oliver of Donnington Parish Council, said: “The main issue as far as I am concerned about any development is the cumulative effect particularly on traffic but also on sewerage because each development has an effect and when you add each one it becomes quite significant.”Graeme Barrett, district councillor for East Wittering and Bracklesham, and a member of the Area Development Control Committee (South), said he supported the parish in this case, and pointed out that when he stood to be elected as a district councillor that he pledged to oppose medium to large developments in the area.

Development plans in the Peninsula include the 50 homes in Bracklesham, 28 homes in Birdham that are in the process of being built, and 150 in Donnington. The plans for 50 housing units and a convenience store in Donnington to be built on the Selsey Tram site and the site opposite was granted planning permission over one year ago but no work has begun, but there are also proposals for 100 more houses on a site nearby. Up until recently there were controversial plans to build glass houses in Almodington but these were rejected on appeal.

The proposal will be discussed at the district council’s planning committee meeting next month.