BREAKING NEWS: Oving crossroad traffic lights will be scrapped

JPOS Shopwhyke Lakes area site
JPOS Shopwhyke Lakes area site

AN APPLICATION for 500 homes at Shopwhyke was approved today – as was the removal of the traffic lights at the Oving crossroads.

Chichester District Council’s area development management committed (south), approved the application today (May 1), but as part of the plans the traffic lights at Oving crossroads will be removed.

A group of residents formed the campaign group Leave Oving Lights Alone (LOLA) and those who were present at the meeting were disappointed with the results.

“Never before has so few made it so bad for so many,” said Alan Smith of LOLA.

Chairman of LOLA Sjoerp Schuyleman said: “We need to look at what other options we have now.”

The group said they would continue to campaign against the removal of the lights.

Eventually, when the lights are taken away, cross traffic from Oving Road to Shopwhyke Road and vice versa, will be closed off to the A27.

The new development will be to the north of Shopwhyke Road, consisting of 500 homes, 30 per cent of which will be affordable.

Developers will also provide road access, cycle and pedestrian access, drainage and landscaping, community facilities, and elderly care village, local retail units and open public space.

See next week’s Observer (May 9), for a full report.