BREAKING NEWS: Travellers moved off heritage site in Chichester

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POLICE have used specialist powers to move a group of travellers from a heritage site in Chichester after 10 caravans and 10 other vehicles set up in the area yesterday (Thursday, July 5).

The Section 61 – which can only be used by the police – was invoked last night and resulted in the group moving peacefully away from the Roman Ampitheatre.

The travellers, believed to be about 28 in total, originally moved into the city last week in Quarry Lane.

They were intercepted by police, who moved them on, before they set up in Florence Road.

After being told they faced eviction from this site, they moved again yesterday morning to the Ampitheatre, in Velyn Avenue.

Sgt Peter Higgings, from Chichester’s neighbourhood policing team, said: “The fact this is a heritage site, coupled with it being very close to residential housing, meant that we had sufficient grounds to invoke a Section 61 and move them from the area with immediate effect.

“This was done very peacefully and the group fully understood and accepted the reasons why this action was taken.

“No arrests were made and everyone was fully compliant.”