BREAKING NEWS: Woman hurt as car slams into Arundel Castle battlements

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EMERGENCY services were called to Arundel this afternoon (April 28) after a car slammed into the battlements of the town’s castle, injuring a pedestrian.

The incident took place at about 3.30pm. The driver of the Volvo S40 lost control of the car and mounted the pavement at the top of High Street, police said.

A spokesman for the force added: “The Volvo struck a woman on the pavement and collided with the castle wall and a number of posts before stopping close to the war memorial.”

Eye witnesses at the bottom of the hill described seeing the car billowing smoke as it rolled down the hill, eventually coming to rest near the war memorial, near the junction of High Street and Tarrant Street.

A witness working at Pallant of Arundel said: “We saw the car that must have collided with something come down the hill.

“It was billowing smoke, it’s windscreen was smashed and both wheels on the left hand side were damaged.”

Passersby by helped the elderly driver from the car before moving the stricken vehicle from the road, the witness added.

Two police cars and two ambulances attended the crash site.

Paramedics assessed both the driver and the pedestrian.

Neither of their injuries appear to be life-threatening, a police spokesman added.

The last ambulance left the scene about 25 minutes ago.